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Call us at so we can set up a complimentary consultation for you to review all options available to you. Together we will find a solution for you that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Early Detection for Oral Cancer

    For every patient that comes in to our office for a checkup we use the Velscope.  This is a FDA-approved specially designed light that can identify any unusual tissues in your mouth.  It helps us identify any possible sites of oral cancer.

    It’s shocking that one American dies each hour because of oral cancer.  However, when detected in its early stages, 90% of patients with oral cancer can be successfully cured.   This is a quick, easy, and painless exam that could save your life!

  • Intra-Oral Camera Lets You See for Yourself

    When you visit our office, we can show you exactly what’s happening in your mouth with the use of an intra-oral camera.  You will be able to see for yourself what work needs to be done on your teeth.  Many patients enjoy making informed decisions together with Dr. Katz, creating a bond of teamwork.

  • Cosmetic Imaging

    Are you interested in seeing what you would look like with a new smile?  Computerized imaging allows us to show you what you would look like before we begin treatment. It is very exciting to see how your new smile will look before you have any dental service initiated.

  • Our Laser Scanner Provides Early Detection of Cavities

    Cavities can be hard to detect visually for any dentist.  And X-rays do not always reveal tooth decay. The Diagnodent is a laser scanner that can detect cavities when they are very small so they can be removed and filled with a tooth colored material. This also allows for proper diagnosis of cavities as the Diagnodent is virtually flawless in cavity detection.

  • Digital X-rays Have 75% Less Radiation

    We have been digital with our X-rays for many years.  Besides being less time consuming as the images are available immediately, digital technology reduces radiation exposure by 75%.  We also don’t have to use toxic chemicals which pollute the environment.

  • Laser Dentistry

    Does the sound of the dental drill make you anxious? Do you fear needles?  Many patients can have their cavities filled with the use of our Biolase Dental Laser.  About 75% of our patients have their dental work done without injections or drilling!  The Laser can also be used to treat selected cases of gum disease.  It’s fantastic technology that will change the way you think about going to the dentist.

  • Enjoy Cable TV While Getting Your Dental Work

    We offer a personal entertainment station with cable channels in each treatment room.  We are very excited to bring this enjoyment to you.  You can watch your favorite shows or sports and catch up on news while having your dental treatment.  You will also be able to listen with wireless headphones.

    For those who prefer more relaxation, we also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) , and can prescribe anti-anxiety medications for you to take before your visit.

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